About Us

Thank you for visiting today. My name is Kea. You’re probably wondering where I got the weird name of Moos Engravings and who is Moo. A cow? Not exactly. Moo is my rescued kitty. I was on my way to work one morning when I stopped at the local convenient store and this adorable little white and black cat was just crying. Trying to get into the store. Letting people pet him. It broke my heart. I asked the woman behind the counter, what’s the deal with this cat? She said someone dropped him off last night. My heart broke. I told her what time I get out of work and said if he’s still here when I get out, I’ll take him home. She then offered to take him home until I got out of work.

I gave her my number and I picked him up after work. He’s a black and white cat and I’m sure you can tell I love cows. His name is Moomers. Yes, you read that right we call him Moo or Moo Moo. He’s been the perfect little addition to our family.

I have always wanted to own my own business. I thought Moo has to be involved, but how? That’s how Moos Engravings became a thing. Now he sits on my lap while I engrave or he’s on my desk throwing all my pens on the floor.

I wanted something different, something people can be proud of as far as a product. I recently went through an adult adoption myself and now have a last name to stand tall with. I created these split monogrammed slate coasters for my parents and then realized I loved them. Moos Engravings had a really cool and unique name and now a purpose.

My goal is to get my customers the highest quality custom product possible. To be able to represent their family, a loved one, or an anniversary, with pride, class, and elegance.